Trolley ECG (Model DG7000-T)

It is a perfect portable device for hospitals, emergency departments, and physician offices including an All-in-one computer, trolley, and a fully automatic rechargeable built-in battery. Its high-tech design offers a vast range of functionalities including connectivity options that enable its integration within any standard data management system, exporting files to HIS, and network printing.


Trolley ECG:

  • Portable
  • Touch screen
  • Network Printing
  • Ideal for Hospitals and clinics
  • High-tech Design
  • Comprehensive display and print out
  • Environmentally Friendly (paperless)
  • Wireless LAN operation environment
  • Fully automatic rechargeable built-in battery
  • Battery status indicated
  • Long battery life 4 hours operation
Patient protection floating common (IEC-60601, CF type)

Isolation: DC/DC converter, USB isolator

Shock protection Class II.
Defibrillator protection 5 kV (max. 1 kV/ms)
Resolution 0.05 µV/bit (24 bit A/D)
Sample rate 2000 Hz
Input impedance >10 Mohm
CMRR >120 dB



524 Hz low pass (hardware, constant)
50, 100, 200 Hz (software, switchable)
60, 120 Hz (software, switchable)
35 Hz (software tremor filter, switchable)
Time constant 1.6 sec
Linearity error <0,5%, < 1/2 LSB
Polarization voltage 400 mV
Leads 12 Standard + 3 Frank