Stress Test System (Model DG7000-S)

It is a complete digital system for high-performance stress tests, capable of analyzing a large number of parameters in real time, including 12-lead ECG, ST, and QT intervals. Stress test software can be adjusted to fully control treadmills and ergometers. The software module will continuously record the entire ECG along with HRV evaluation.

  • High performance
  • 12 lead real time analysis
  • HRV evaluation
  • ST and QT interval calculation
  • Full control of treadmills
  • Network printing
  • Touch screen
  • ECG file transfer
Patient protection floating common (IEC-60601, CF type)

Isolation: DC/DC converter, USB isolator

Shock protection Class II.
Defibrillator protection 5 kV (max. 1 kV/ms)
Resolution 0.05 µV/bit (24 bit A/D)
Sample rate 2000 Hz
Input impedance >10 Mohm
CMRR >120 dB



524 Hz low pass (hardware, constant)
50, 100, 200 Hz (software, switchable)
60, 120 Hz (software, switchable)
35 Hz (software tremor filter, switchable)
Time constant 1.6 sec
Linearity error <0,5%, < 1/2 LSB
Polarization voltage 400 mV
Leads 12 Standard + 3 Frank