ECG Electrode

ECG Electrode

This product is suitable for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures (Monitoring, Stress test, Holter) by ensuring quality readings, zero artifacts, and no further repeat procedures. It provides excellent adhesion and trace quality. It is compatible with different ECG devices and can be used for both pediatric and adult care. MRI-compatible models are also available. Adult ECG Electrodes are also available in both Solid and Liquid gel.

It is applicable to the clinical electrocardiogram diagnosis and dynamic & static ECG monitoring of patients suffering from heart disease in the hospital. It uses Ag/AgCl as the sensing element and solid/Liquid gel as the adhesive element.

The solid gel has the advantage of minimizing the movement artifact by increasing the adhesive force between the skin and the sensing element. Excellent adhesion and clear traces bring no repeat testing. Quality ECG electrodes create low impedance and are non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and non-cytotoxic to the skin.

The liquid Gel ensures the highest quality tracings for stress test procedures, reduces motion artifacts ensuring a very clear stable trace even under the most strenuous conditions and an excellent signal quality is obtained.

Our electrodes are also available in various shapes and sizes.

Sensor AG/Agcl sensor
Conductive Gel Solid gel
Backing Material PE Foam
Shape round, drop-like, oval
color white
Packing 50pcs/bag-  2000PCS/carton
Size 50*50mm
Connector Snap
Certificated ISO13485