USB ECG Device (Model DG7000-U)

It is a 12-channel ECG device and data management system that can be connected to the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer through a standard USB cable and transforms your PC into a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition, analysis, and diagnostic ECG system.


A cutting-edge microelectronic system combined with cardiology-validated software: Computerized ECG System, an ideal device to generate a high-quality 12-channel ECG. A computerized ECG System is consistently adjusted to the requirements of modern PC technology. The device is equipped with a USB port connection for data communication
It Generates a patient database and benefits from software interfaces such as Excel, Dicom, and HL7 for the Hospital EDP. The data management system feasibly integrates into any existing network environment.

  • 12-Cannel ECG recorder (Frank, Extremal, Precordial, Nehb….)
  • Simple, user-friendly software with multiple functions
  • ECG Monitoring
  • Interval/ continuous ECG storage
  • ECG comparison
  • Measurement and auto- interpretation
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • 2D/3D ECG-Vector
  • Emergency ECG function
  • ECG report transfer via internet
  • Paperless working/Electronic archiving
  • XML/DICOM/HL7-HIS interface
  • Stress test software (Optional)
  • User-friendly Windows/Android/IOS software with full network function
  • All evaluations and reports can be sent to PC/smartphone/tablet as real time ECG files
Input impedance > 10 MOhm
Accuracy 0,05 μV/bit
A/D Converter 24 Bit
Common mode rejection > 120 dB
Polarization voltage 400 mV
Time constant 1,6 Sec.
Linearity error < 0.5 %, < 1/2 LSB
Filter 524 Hz Low-pass (hardware)-50, 100, 200 Hz (adjustable)-60, 120 Hz (adjustable)-35 Hz Tremor filter (adjustable)
Leads 12 Standard-Frank-Nehb
Connection to PC USB
Power supply +5 V (100 mA) via USB
ECG connection 15-pol Standard
LED Yellow LED flashing: USB connection-Yellow LED lit: ECG monitoring
Safety IEC 601, BF-Type
Defibrillation protection Defibrillation protected, 5 kV (max.1 kV/μsec)
Dimensions 131 x 73 x 25 mm