EMS ECG (Model DG7000-E)


It is an optimal wireless 12-lead ECG management system which facilitates EMS in ambulances by recording, monitoring, and storing patients’ ECG data. All patient’s records can be sent to several monitoring centers via 3G/4G mobile data owing to the low file sizes. A preliminary analysis of the patient’s ECG can be performed on his way to the hospital which contributes to saving the patient’s time of treatment.

  • The optimal 12- lead ECG management system to facilitate EMS in Ambulance
  • Record, monitor and save12-lead ECG
  • Windows/ Android/ IOS software versions allow 12 lead viewing access from anywhere worldwide
  • All patient records can be sent and received due to low files sizes
  • Easily send 12-lead ECG recordings to several monitoring centers via 3G/4G mobile data
  • performs a preliminary analysis of the patient on his way to hospital
  • Safe, cost effective, and flexible for primary PCI services, hospitals, and EMS
Patient protection floating common (IEC-60601, CF type)

Isolation: DC/DC converter, USB isolator

Shock protection Class II.
Defibrillator protection 5 kV (max. 1 kV/ms)
Resolution 0.05 µV/bit (24 bit A/D)
Sample rate 2000 Hz
Input impedance >10 Mohm
CMRR >120 dB



524 Hz low pass (hardware, constant)
50, 100, 200 Hz (software, switchable)
60, 120 Hz (software, switchable)
35 Hz (software tremor filter, switchable)
Time constant 1.6 sec
Linearity error <0,5%, < 1/2 LSB
Polarization voltage 400 mV
Leads 12 Standard + 3 Frank