Adhesive Wound Dressing


Adhesive Wound Dressing , suitable for various types of wounds, in 5 different sizes and packaging.

Using Adhesive Wound Dressings is a safe and straightforward method for covering wounds. This will prevent infection and make the healing process much faster. DGDerm Non-woven Dressing makes the healing process quick by preserving the skin hydration of the damaged area. This dressing is made of an absorbent pad and a soft layer which is suitable for use on surgical wounds and stitches.

In order for the Adhesive Non-woven Dressings to be applicable on various wounds more easily, we offer this product in different sizes:

10*10 cm

10*15 cm

10*20 cm

10*25 cm

10*30 cm

  • With a special absorbent pad
  • Ability to absorb blood and other wound drainages
  • Anti-allergic
  • Wound protection against contaminations
  • Applicable on flesh wounds
  • Air permeability
  • Secondary coating for dressings