WiFi ECG Device (Model DG7000-W)

It is extremely easy to install and work with DG7000 computerized ECG system. It connects to USB port of PC through standard USB cable or via WiFi to laptop or smart phone (Android/IOS App available). The system provides high quality ECG without any noise or artifact due to the device high sampling rate (2000 Hz) and precise filtering algorithms.

USB ECG Device (Model DG7000-U)

It is a 12 channel ECG device and data management system that can connect to the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer through standard USB cable and transforms your PC into a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition and analysis system diagnostic ECG. It manages tests while saving money and working with your existing equipment.

Trolley ECG (Model DG7000-T)

It is a perfect portable device for hospitals, emergency units, physician offices including an all-in-one computer, trolley, and fully automatic rechargeable built-in battery. Its high-tech design offers a vast range of functionalities including connectivity options which enable integration within any standard data management system, exporting files to HIS, and network printing.

EMS ECG (Model DG7000-E)

It is an optimal wireless 12 lead ECG management system which facilitates EMS in ambulance by recording, monitoring and saving patient 12 lead ECG. All patient records can be sent to several monitoring centers via 3/4G mobile data due to low files sizes. A preliminary analysis of the patient can be done on his way to hospital which may result in saving patient time.

Hemorrhoid Management System

Hemorapy device uses Direct Current Electricity technology. It uses very low electricity current and causes a chemical reaction in the hemorrhoid tissue so that the turgid tissue assimilates in a short time, around 10 to 14 days. It is an effective and economical method for both patient and the physician and clinically proved to be more than 85 percent effective in treatment.

Stress Test System (Model DG7000-S)

It is a complete digital system for high-performance stress tests, capable of analyzing a large number of parameters in real time, including 12-lead ECG, ST and QT intervals. Stress test software can be used for full control of many commercial treadmills and ergometers. Software module will continuously save the entire ECG with HRV evaluation and the PC will automatically control the treadmill.

Spirostik USB

It is small and innovative and considered a new generation in Spirometry testing. It connects to USB port of computer and turn your PC into a Spirometer device. By simply installing the application software, performing Spirometry tests is extremely easy and intuitive using unique Blue Cherry software, which is included in the standard package. Fast, simple and cost effective Spirometry screening is now available to all users.

Spirostik Complete

It is a fast, simple, durable diagnostic Spirometer device with large test memory capacity and built in printer. It is a multitasking and versatile spirometer ideal for accurate and quick diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Through the utilization of computer and touch screen technology, it is one of the most powerful spirometry systems currently available. Using the powerful Blue Cherry diagnostic platform, this device retains all the power, in the desktop format


Needlyser is an effective and cost efficient needle disposal system. It generate 1500c heat to infectious needles using home electricity. It oxidizes, sterilizes and incinerates the contaminated 16 ~ 30 gauge non-coated needles immediately after use. The heat destroys infectious needles to dust within seconds and sterilizes the dust, which gets collected in the container.