Disposable Equipment

ECG Electrode

This product is suitable for all cardiac monitoring and diagnostic procedures (Monitoring, Stress test, Holter) by ensure quality readings, zero artifact and no repeat procedures. It provides excellent adhesion and quality trace. It is compatible with different ECG devices and can be used for both pediatric and adults. MRI compatible models are available.

Electrosurgical Grounding Pad

It has two un-split and split (Monopolar and Bipolar) models which is produced by best quality anti-allergic foam with high adhesiveness and excellent pad-to-skin contact. It is compatible with most major brands of generators and can be used for patients with fragile skin. It provides optimal convenience and safety for both pediatric and adults.

ECT Mouth Guard

It protects patients from harming themselves during electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) by covering all patient teeth using thick 100% closed-cell polyethylene foam. It has unique design that fits around the mouth following the denture pattern and prevent disease transmission. It can save the time and expense of washing and sterilization.

Electrosurgical Pencil (ESU Pencil)

It has a Monopolar model with coagulation and cut buttons for surgical operation. It has different button colors for user comfort with integrated connecting cable with 3m length. It is compatible with various electrosurgical units. There is full Ethylene Oxide Sterilization procedure in production of this product. The product is presented with sterile two layer packaging. The product has a safe and ergonomic design.