Trolley ECG (Model DG7000-T)

It is a perfect portable device for hospitals, emergency units, physician offices including an all-in-one computer, trolley, and fully automatic rechargeable built-in battery. Its high-tech design offers a vast range of functionalities including connectivity options which enable integration within any standard data management system, exporting files to HIS, and network printing.


Trolley ECG :

  • Portable
  • Touch screen
  • Network Printing
  • Ideal for Hospitals and clinics
  • High-tech Design
  • Comprehensive display and print out
  • Environmentally Friendly ( paperless)
  • Wireless LAN operation environment
  • Fully automatic rechargeable built-in battery
  • Battery status indicated
  • Long battery life 4 hours operation
Patient protection: floating common (IEC-60601, CF type)

Isolation: DC/DC converter, USB isolator

Shock protection: Class II.
Defibrillator protection: 5 kV (max. 1 kV/ms)
Resolution: 0.05 µV/bit (24 bit A/D)
Sample rate: 2000 Hz
Input impedance: >10 Mohm
CMRR: >120 dB



524 Hz low pass (hardware, constant)
50, 100, 200 Hz (software, switchable)
60, 120 Hz (software, switchable)
35 Hz (software tremor filter, switchable)
Time constant: 1.6 sec
Linearity error: <0,5%, < 1/2 LSB
Polarization voltage: 400 mV
Leads: 12 Standard + 3 Frank