Spirostik USB

It is small and innovative and considered a new generation in Spirometry testing. It connects to USB port of computer and turn your PC into a Spirometer device. By simply installing the application software, performing Spirometry tests is extremely easy and intuitive using unique Blue Cherry software, which is included in the standard package. Fast, simple and cost effective Spirometry screening is now available to all users.


For those searching for a fully-integrated PC-driven spirometer, our device is the clinically proven solution It is small and innovative device which is considered a new generation in Spirometry testing. It connects to computer and lets you to use your own computer and printer. The Spirostik uses the incredible Spiraflow technology proven on the Spirostik USB, giving all the safety and convenience of the disposable flow sensor whilst retaining the accuracy of the device. Each Spiraflow flow sensor is pre-calibrated before leaving the factory.

It delivers unprecedented accuracy and reliable results with real-time graphs and animated incentive screens enhance the user experience, encouraging child and adult patients to help them achieve optimal results. All parts exposed to patient’s breath are single-use and this will ensure patients safety and convenience.


Dimensions: 76,5 x 30 x 18,5 mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 20 g

IP protection type: IPX0 IEC 529

Classification according to MDD: IIa 93/42EWG date June 14th 1993 appendix IX

Application component type: BF according to VDE 0750 (DIN EN 60601-1)

PC Interface: USB 2.0

Power Supply: Via USB port

Power Consumption: <40 mA

Flow Transducer: GR spiraflow

Measuring principle: Differential pressure

Measuring range: ±16 l/s

Resistance: <0.09 kPa/(l/s)<15 l/s

Effective dead space: 24 ml

Flow resolution: <1 ml/s

Sample rate: 125 Hz

Accuracy: ±3% or 20 ml/s

Volume: 0 – 20 l