Spirostik Complete

It is a fast, simple, durable diagnostic Spirometer device with large test memory capacity and built in printer. It is a multitasking and versatile spirometer ideal for accurate and quick diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Through the utilization of computer and touch screen technology, it is one of the most powerful spirometry systems currently available. Using the powerful Blue Cherry diagnostic platform, this device retains all the power, in the desktop format


Spirostik model Complete is now available with touch screen revolution in Desktop Spirometry. Integrated Microsoft Windows PC, high speed thermal printer as well as 8 inch and 10 inch touch screen and portable unit makes it a unique device. Using the diagnostic software platform of Blue Cherry and full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post and bronchial challenge test), pre calibrated, single use flow sensor with extreme low dead space, improves patient satisfaction and safety.

Using the powerful Blue Cherry diagnostic platform the ‘Complete’ retains all the power, in the desktop format.

Users can now enjoy the power of the Blue Cherry platform in even the most remote locations, without losing any of the sophistication or the simplicity.

•  Integrated Microsoft Windows Computer and high speed thermal Printer
•  Revolutionary snap-in handle offers easy and safe flowsensor change
•  Comply with the latest guidelines from ATS and ERS
•  Automatic Interpretation
•  Automatic BTPS adjustment
•  Integrated SpO2 (optional)