Electrosurgical Pencil (ESU Pencil)

It has a Monopolar model with coagulation and cut buttons for surgical operation. It has different button colors for user comfort with integrated connecting cable with 3m length. It is compatible with various electrosurgical units. There is full Ethylene Oxide Sterilization procedure in production of this product. The product is presented with sterile two layer packaging. The product has a safe and ergonomic design.

Dena Electrosurgical Pencil matches to various types of electrosurgical machines. It is designed in streamlined shape with lightness character. The seal up design endues the inside circuit board with excellent waterproof property. Ergonomics lightweight design, strong material and humanized skidproof design make the operator more comfortable during operation.

Length of the cable 3m
Length of the handle 158 mm
Color of the handle White or blue
Diameter of blade 2.36mm
Type of sterilization: Sterile by EO
Shelf life: 2 years
Plug:  3 pin banana
Certificated ISO13485
Package of each piece Sterilized blister package
  • Operator will control easily for the light material and humanized outline design
  • Long cable and strong copper core ensure the Dena Electrosurgical Pencil with excellent conductivity and security.
  • The pencil has the functions of cut and coagulation
  • Ergonomics light weight design, strong material and humanized skid proof design make the operator more comfortable during operation.
  • Match to various types of Electrosurgical Unit.