USB ECG Device (Model DG7000-U)

It is a 12 channel ECG device and data management system that can connect to the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer through standard USB cable and transforms your PC into a sophisticated cardiac data acquisition and analysis system diagnostic ECG. It manages tests while saving money and working with your existing equipment.


Most modern microelectronics combined with cardiology validated software, the Computerized ECG System is the ideal device to generate a high quality 12 channel ECG. Computerized ECG System is consistently adjusted to the requirements of modern PC technology. The integrated USB connection is used for data communication and current supply.
Patient data base and software interfaces such as Excel, Dicom and HL7 for the Hospital EDP are just as natural as the unproblematic integration into existing network environments.

  • 12-Cannel ECG recorder (Frank, Extremal, Precordial, Nehb….)
  • Simple, user friendly software with multiple functions
  • ECG Monitoring
  • Interval / continuous ECG storage
  • ECG comparison
  • Measurement and auto- interpretation
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • 2D/3D ECG-Vector
  • Emergency ECG function
  • ECG report transfer via internet
  • Paperless working/Electronic archiving
  • XML/DICOM/HL7-HIS interface
  • Stress test software (Optional)
  • User-friendly Windows/Android/IOS software with full network function
  • All evaluations and reports can be sent to PC/smartphone/tablet as real time ECG files


Sampling rate: 2000 Hz per Channel

Input impedance: > 10 MOhm

Accuracy: 0,05 μV/bit

A/D Converter: 24 Bit

Common mode rejection: > 120 dB

Polarization voltage: 400 mV

Time constant: 1,6 Sec.

Linearity error: < 0.5 %, < 1/2 LSB

Filter: 524 Hz Low-pass (hardware)-50, 100, 200 Hz (adjustable)-60, 120 Hz (adjustable)-35 Hz Tremor filter (adjustable)

Leads: 12 Standard-Frank-Nehb

Connection to PC: USB

Power supply: +5 V (100 mA) via USB

ECG connection: 15-pol Standard

LED: Yellow LED flashing: USB connection-Yellow LED lit: ECG monitoring

Safety: IEC 601, BF-Type

Defibrillation protection: Defibrillation protected, 5 kV (max.1 kV/μsec)

Dimensions: 131 x 73 x 25 mm