WiFi ECG Device (Model DG7000-W)

It is extremely easy to install and work with DG7000 computerized ECG system. It connects to USB port of PC through standard USB cable or via WiFi to laptop or smart phone (Android/IOS App available). The system provides high quality ECG without any noise or artifact due to the device high sampling rate (2000 Hz) and precise filtering algorithms.


DG 7000 can be connected to the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer by a standard USB cable. It also can be connected to computer/laptop/smartphone through Wi-Fi. The system provides a high quality ECG without any noise or artifact due to high sampling rate (2000 Hz) and precise filtering algorithms.

All patient data and ECG recordings are stored in the computer. The patient list may contain a virtually unlimited number of names and data records. It can simply connect to various medical or hospital database management systems. ECG recordings can be printed on normal A4 papers using ordinary printers. It can compare medians and visualize them in three dimensions with adjustable viewpoints. The workstations on a local area network can simultaneously use the program installed on the server. Recorded ECG curves can be transmitted using internet. There is the possibility of extending the DG 7000 system with various equipment (Ergometers, Treadmills) to turn your DG 7000 system into a complete stress test workstation. By connecting DG 7000 to a notebook, you will have a high capacity portable 12 channel-ECG with big LCD-display. The connected signal processor unit and its software turn your computer into high capacity ECG device.

• The ECG curves appear on the monitor in selected lead combination
•  Patient data and ECG recordings are stored on the hard disk
•  The curves can be measured by an ECG ruler
•  Old and new ECG recordings can be compared together
•  The interpretation module is able to diagnose adults and children
•  Network capability
•  Using the frank leads, the ECG vector of the curve can be viewed in 2D and 3D
•  WINDOWS XP, 7, 8.1, 10
•  Connected to ergometer or a treadmill, a complete stress test workstation is available
•  Online ST observation and median processing on 12 channels
•  10 stress test programs can be stored
•  Fully automatic control of the treadmill
•  Heart rate, blood pressure and workload can be viewed in graphs
•  Criteria for breakdown are programmable (HP, BP, W)
•  The final report evaluates the physical working capacity (PWC) and shows trends
•  The ECG recordings and medians of the stress test can be compared in 3D
•  USB and Wi-Fi Version

2000 samples / sec
12 bits
Number of channels
Input impedance
>10 Mohms
Patient protection
floating earth (IEC 601)
Defibrillator protection
5 kV (1 kV / microsec)
>120 dB
35, 50 / 60, 100 /  120 Hz
Time constant
3.2 sec
Linearity error 
<0.5%, <1/2 LSB
Polarization voltage
±400 mV

12 Standard / Frank / Nehb
131 x 73 x 25 mm
Net Weight
140 g USB / 160 g WiFi