D.G.Dena is a well-established and professionally managed company with more than 20 years of good record in research and development, production, import, export and marketing of medical equipment in domestic and overseas markets.D.G.Dena’s factory is located in Shiraz electronic zone. We are producer of ECG device, Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment System, and medical disposable products including Disposable ECG Electrode, Disposable ESU pencil, Grounding Pad and Disposable Laryngoscope blade.  In addition to manufacturing medical equipment, we are also exclusive representative of several American and European companies in Iran and the Middle East, such as:
1. American Medline Inc.
2.American Scar Heal Inc.
3. German Geratherm Respiratory GmbH
4. German I.E.M GmbH (Industrielle Entwicklung Medizintechnik GmbH)
5. American Alicia Diagnostics Inc.
The efforts of the company's various professional teams in research, development, design, production and marketing have led the company to provide the best care solution through its high quality and cost effective products and services for local and global markets. D.G.Dena never fails to accomplish its commitments to its partners and try to build a better tomorrow with environmentally and socially responsible plans.