Our Vision

Being located in the heart of Middle East, our aim is to become one of the main regional producers and suppliers of the best worldwide medical brands. We provide our customers with products of superior technology, ease of use and reliable quality.

D.G.Dena is a reputable healthcare group engaged in supplying the latest high-quality medical equipment, disposable, and skin care products. The company is being managed by qualified bio-medical engineers and experts offering a certain category of innovative healthcare equipment or medicine. The company is supported by a centralized and highly educated commercial and sales support team, logistics department and skillful after sales service centre. We do our best to present the most recent innovations and techniques to solve current problems in diagnosing and curing patients and improving medical service quality. 

Latest products

Chronic heart failure and hypertension are the main prevalent diseases in industrial countries. It is the most common reason for hospital stays. It istherefore a huge burden for patients in addition to being associated with significant healthcare costs. Use of telemetric devices to monitor these patients can significantly improve the care situation. A number of studies have shown that hospitalization rates can be greatly reduced through the use of telemedicine. The average treatment costs for heart failure and hypertension patients will decrease significantly using telemetrically solutions. We support this service with Beam, Tel-O-Graph, BT Terminal devices.

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